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Buildings Don't Lie

Check out this incredible best selling book on Building Science.  Includes heating, ventilating, cooling, sound, light, water, fireproofing, and much more!  Best Passive house book and best book to build!  Buy this best selling building science book!

Architects should have lots of copies in their office for newbies. -Larry Harmon, Air Barrier Solutions


Henry spent 11 years working on this over 500 page masterpiece and created a truly remarkable book.  Order your copy and learn all the science behind better buildings.    

All the science behind creating better buildings and houses.  Above is a 3D design that Henry created for mechanical systems.  To the right is an energy efficient apartment building Henry helped design that didn't cost any more to build than one that isn't.  Both are pictures from the book.


About the Author

Henry Gifford has 25+ years experience making buildings energy efficient, using common sense approaches. He's worked on all kinds of buildings, but apartment  houses are his favorite. Henry Gifford has worked on and designed over 40 Energy Efficient buildings and houses.  Henry Gifford is also a well known speaker, an expert on Building Science and using real measurements not just estimates.  


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